The Historical Context.

The culture of Ponte as that of the Campania Region and the whole of Southern Italy is characterized by agricultural crops, especially of vines. Being the local economy of peasantry origin it is also imbued with agricultural culture. The historic center of Ponte, is enclosed and fortified by towers, this was a place where the landowners of the area used to stay in Summer. Proof of this can be found in numerous houses in the historic centre that up until recently still preserve scenes of rural life seen on the ceilings of the “noble “ rooms. The historic center of Ponte, which is small but still in great part tidy, with its toponymy still preserves an agricultural culture, infact among the alleys you can still find “Vico Verdura” where the farmers set up stalls for the village market every Friday, a tradition which still takes place today. On the west and outside the fortified walls of the castle towers were the dwellings of the farmers, followed by an urban criss cross disposition which clings to the brow of the high bank of the Torrent Alento. This torrent passes under a bridge which dates back to the Roman era, “ad pontem lapideum”, then it flows into the River Calore which is nearby.